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Prosecute Public officers involved in corruption as a deterrent to Citizens- National Overseer of Deeper  Christian Life Ministry urged Government

The National Overseer of Deeper  Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Edward K Duodu, has called government to take swift punitive measures against those involved in corrupt practices in the country to enhance national development.

According to him, when government prosecute public officers who are involved in corruption it would set as a deterrent to others, and stop the lip services on corruption because it retards national development.


Speaking on the issue of corruption in an interview with Change Agent Media, Pastor Duodu said Christian leaders must contribute their quota to fight corruption by preaching the right message on their pulpit because it is weakening the spirituality of the church of God.

Expressing his displeasure to the situation, the man of God bemoaned that, even Christian leaders who are to help fight against corruption have given such people positions in their various churches because of money.

“Christianity that is mixed with corruption, we cannot do anything for ourselves not to talk of nation, but l believe things will change. It must, if not there is no hope, else we will do anniversary celebration year by year but nothing will change. If we want celebration that would bring results, we need to practice the bible,” he expressed concern.

The man of God mentioned that, government require divine knowledge to tackle corruption in a more proactive manner to facilitate accelerated national development and enhance the socio-economic livelihoods of the people as well.

Pastor Duodu said there is the need for Christians to intensify their prayers for the government to ensure a deep reflection, understanding, revelation and wisdom to push its vision for the nation.

Expressing worry about corruption and development of the country, the National Overseer emphasised that, corruption remains the bane of socio-economic development and a religious nation like Ghana which has majority of her citizens professing Christianity, could tackle the menace with deep revelation from the Holy Spirit, selflessness and high sense of patriotism.

Walk in Holiness

Pastor Duodu who is a member of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) said Christianity is a way of life and a holy walk with God Almighty and reminded public officials and the public that any act of corruption they involve themselves could follow them to eternity.

The Clergyman indicated that, it is expected of the church, as the body of Jesus Christ, to do their best to hammer on repentance, salvation, holiness and righteousness to push spiritual transformation of Ghanaians.

With repentance and genuine salvation among Ghanaians, Pastor Duodu expressed that, corruption if not eliminated could easily be brought under the control.

Giving account of his personal encounter with some Police officers, the National Overseer condemned corruption vehemently by saying, covetousness and the uncontrolled desire to acquire earthly riches were drivers of corruption

adding that though riches and wealth were good, those who acquired them through corrupt means would not escape eternal judgment and condemnation.

Pastor Duodu admonised Christians to incessant prayers and intensified evangelism were required from the church to push the Holy Spirit to search, convict and impact as well as transform the lives of the people.

Pastor Duodu asserted that, “the moment a person dies, his or her riches would not follow him or her to eternity, but rather the righteous deeds of salvation would determine ones eternal abode; either heaven or hell.”

Advising Ghanaians, he pointed out that, because death was inevitable and respected no social class in society, it behoves on every Ghanaian, Christians in particularly, to prepare spiritually by guarding against evil and sin so that at death they would inherit and enjoy eternal comfort.

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