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A Failed Communication System Leading To indiscipline During Lockdown-Communication Specialist

Ghanaians are not adhering to the lockdown rules due to a failed communication system, a Communication Specialist, Mr. Samuel Ato Afful has stated.
“We are not in normal times, and the communication approach to get people to obey the lock down rules has failed in many ways. The fight against coronavirus is not only for the government to execute but majorly depends on the citizens discipline,” he stressed.
Speaking to Top Fm in Accra, Mr. Afful said the President should not have communicated in any other language than English so he doesn’t agree with some Ghanaians saying he should have addressed Ghanaians in local language precisely “Twi”.

“People have shown concerns of the language used by the President to address the issue and also educate the public which is English, the official of Ghana but I don’t agree with them that
is the only language which can be used by the President, since our constitution and all other official literature are in English,”Mr. Afful said.

He mentioned that English shouldn’t be a barrier to citizens since other subordinate leaders such as, Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Clergy men, Imams, Members of parliament, Assemblymen and other community leaders, could take it upon themselves to educate their community in a suitable language to their understanding to adhere to these rules and precautions.

Giving reasons for the indiscipline and what the government as well as citizens needed to do to play their part to fight the virus, Mr. Afful indicated that, some traders don’t know how to mention “Hand sanitizer” while other people don’t understand the meaning of social distancing, therefore the Media among other government agencies must educate them properly.

The Communication Specialist said President in relation to the outbreak of Covid-19 has addressed the nation on several occasions by updating the citizens on new approaches and measures the government has put in place to combat the disease.

With regards to the behaviour and indiscipline by citizens being witnessed, he noted that, it only seems the message gets across to only a handful of people.
Not only indiscipline, it seems a lot of citizens are ignorant against the knowledge surrounding Covid-19 and its precautions,” he noted.

Nevertheless, the Government has failed in the communication approach to get the message across, he emphasized.
Advising stakeholders, he pointed out that, these community leaders must be tasked and also given adequate resources to make it possible to educate their people at the basic level.

Even though the government has given a blind eye to this, Mr Afful indicated that, It is the time for one to be patriotic and wholeheartedly to educate its people at the basic level since “we are all at risk of the virus.”

Making National Service Personnel more resourceful at this time, the Communication Specialist mentioned that, they could be deployed into the system with adequate protective equipment to educate the public.
He stressed that, most people in remote areas and others who are ignorant of the virus and vulnerable to the disease to be intensively educated.
This is not normal times, any available resource must be utilized and the community leaders can do their best to educate their members, “ Mr. Afful stressed.

By: Nii Okai Tagoe

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