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A product of PRESEC LEGON breaks wheel with First Class Honours after 7 years of this Herculean Academic Struggle

After a seven – year struggle in obtaining First Class Honours by students in the Food Process Engineering Department at the School of Engineering Sciences, University of Ghana, Legon, a very young man has successfully replenished the faith of fulfilling students’ dreams.
Mr. Roland Annor Botchway who is a quondam student of Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC) has finally shot the bar after seven years. First Class became a thing of the past after 2012, no student had been able to obtain the honour of First class Honours in the Food Processing Engineering Department.
Mr. Roland Annor Botchway being honoured with First Class Honours
This year, 80 students graduated from the  School of Engineering Sciences at Legon, among which only two students strived in securing First Class Honours in Food Process Engineering.
Mr. Botchway who was President of the Engineering Students Association of University of Ghana changed the narrative during his tenure of office.
Normally, most engineering students barely engage in extra curricular activities owing to the difficulty of their courses and as such, need sufficient time for their books. Yet, Mr. Botchway changed this perception by engaging in several curricular activities as he took leadership roles to institute the change he wanted to see in their department and the school as a whole.

This smart, intelligent, innovative and creative student worked assiduously to achieve a lot doubled with academics where he sailed through with First Class Honours.  He allotted time in mentoring and empowering several students to move from their comfort zones.

Mr. Botchway honouring Mr. Prosper Ahmed Amuquandoh for being a Speaker at the Website Launch
To succinctly elaborate on a few of his innumerable achievements as a student leader, he toiled to acquire an office for the Engineering Students Association of University of Ghana. He lobbied to get projectors in all lecture halls and snack bar for students. As a way to project the school and its activities, he launched a website for the association which is one of the notable achievements, in addition to several things he accomplished as a leader.
With this enviable achievements of this young man, Change Agent Media as part of celebrating him, interviewed him to share the secret to his success. This, we believe would motivate, encourage and inspire the youth who are in their comfort zones to move and do something extraordinary. This is to inform students that everything in life is possible, all they need is to get focused. Stay back and enjoy an intriguing interview with this young man.

Give us a brief background about Mr. Roland Annor Botchway.

Ans: Mr Roland Annor Botchway is a very austere, understanding, daring and capricious gentleman whose desire to serve God, Man and Country outrides his personal pleasures.

Tell us about your educational background and some of the challenges you encountered.

Ans: I began schooling at age 2 in Lerato Preparatory School (Creche and Kindergarten) and was promoted to class 1 at age 5, from then on I continued schooling there and also wrote my B.E.C.E there. Due to my outstanding performance in the B.E.C.E, I gained admission into Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School popularly referred to as PRESEC – LEGON. I studied Science with French and where I wrote my WASSCE. By God’s grace I was part of the 50 best students from the WASSCE in PRESEC – LEGON and also part of the only 11 students to get A in English Language at PRESEC – LEGON. I gained admission into the premier university of the country, University of Ghana where I studied Food Process Engineering. As the fairy tale continues, I turned out to be the only graduating male with First Class Honours from the department in 7 years.

Mr. Botchway with some of his executives after the website launch

Indeed there were challenges along the way, some in Junior High School included favouritism towards some students in the class by some of the teachers. This, unfortunately continued in Senior High School and also in Tertiary too. One of my main challenge in Tertiary School was Biology since I did not study biology in Senior High School and any time we had a course related to biology in Tertiary School it was a challenge.

How do you overcome challenges when they come your way?

Ans: Re-strategize that’s what I will call my super power.

Growing up, tell us one advise your parents gave you which has impacted your life positively.

Ans: Be the best always

What is your greatest fear in life?

Ans: Hmmm, some time back I used to be scared of not being able to properly express myself on my exam answer sheet due to insufficient time or even not studying properly for the exam but these fears were in my dreams actually hahaha. But frankly speaking I really do not have any fears I just get startled at times that’s all.

Share with us your experience in University.

Ans: Unfortunately, due to my programme of study, we always had an assignment to submit or a quiz to prepare for hence there was not much time for fun but we made the most of the little free time we had and made lifetime friends.

He did a little Sports too

Share with us, some of the leadership mantle you took and how it has sharpen your life positively.

Ans: Wow, interesting that will be a long list hahaha. Starting from High School, I was on the Ako – Adjei Hall Chaplaincy Board as a cell leader and was also the Evangelical Secretary for AGCM PRESEC – LEGON. In Tertiary School, I was the Alexander Kwapong Hall and Dr. Hilla Limann Hall Level 100 Prayer Meeting Coordinator and was also on the Dr. Hilla Limann Hall, Hall Week Planning Committee and a member of the technical team of ACGM LEGON. Afterwards, I became the Public Relations Officer of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE – University of Ghana Chapter). I became the President of the Engineering Students Association of University of Ghana (ESUG). Currently, I am member of the African Dream Foundation – the leader of the innovations department.

Being exposed to all these from the various portfolios has made me more brave and daring. It has made me a better communicator too.

Mr. Botchway’s biggest Seminar on Campus

How did you manage academic work with leadership roles?

Ans: Its very simple time management. I cannot count the number of times my patron stressed on this hahaha.

How relevant is curriculum activities in our tertiary institutions?

Ans: Oh it is very helpful because of the exposure it gives to the students and it helps some of the students to fully realise their potentials.

What do you tell students who have the notion they are school to learn and do not want to engage in any form curriculum activities?

Ans: I believe everyone has a purpose. To some people they want to be valedictorians and that is fine too. For such people I urge them to be the best since they have less distractions but nevertheless, education is not from school it is from people.

What is the way forward, after such great achievement?

Students at the Website Launch

Ans: Currently, I am preparing towards the Ghana Science Association Conference of which I have been honoured to speak at. After that I look forward to enjoying my national service and then writing my Graduate Record Examination

Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Ans: Dr. Roland Annor Botchway pursing to be Professor Botchway hahaha.

What is your perception about the Ghanaian youth and what are some of the measures stakeholders could do to impact the youth positively?

Ans: Grant them the avenues to fully exploit their gifts and stop these connection things (who knows you) to encourage them to aspire to the zenith.

National Society of Black Engineers Members

What is your advice to the youth in the Country?

Ans: Yes, you can! Again, they should put God first in everything they do.

What are the measures you think government can put in place to bridge the gaps in Science and Technology in the Country?

Ans: Encourage more practical sessions and provide the practical tools for students to be able to compete with the Western World.

When you get the opportunity to be a President for a day, what are reforms and policies you would implement in our Educational system?

Ans: I cannot stress this enough more PRACTICALS in every course.

Give shout out to those who have contributed to your success and inspired you in life.

Ans: First is to my one and only true love, the one who always cares and accepts me no matter the wrong stuff I indulge in, a big shout to Jesus and then to my family for the provisions to get this far and then to my friends and most especially to my roommates and my beloved.

Congratulations!!! Keep Soaring Mr. Roland Annor Botchway

Editors: Miss Emmanuella Oduro Appiah & Mr. Kwabena Asare Baffour 

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  1. Good job Change Agent Media for an excellent interview, keep it up. We look forward for more inspiring stories
    Thank you Mr Roland Annor Botchway for sharing

  2. Tetteh Kwashi Yawehson

    Thank you Change agent media for sharing with us, the life of Mr. Roland, a notable personality by all standards. One guy I admire from a distance because I have the privilege of attending the same with Him for a few months. I’m amazed to know that He’s carrying all this load academically and yet makes time to come play the instruments every Friday and Sundays. I wish you all the best on your journey from Dr. Roland to Professor Roland. You’re blessed.

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