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Assembly Member, Hon. Keytong M. Ngmaanyiiri recounts on his achievements at the Buli electoral area during his 4 years at the office.

Hon. Keytong Moses during his speech
The Assembly Member of Buli Electoral Area, located in the Upper West Region, Hon. Keytong Moses Ngmaanyiiri, on the 25th of October, 2019, recounted his achievements during his tenure of office, from September, 2015 through November, 2019. In attendance at the occasion were the Paramount Chiefs, former Assembly Members, Unit Committee Members, invited Guests and Members of the Buli Electoral Area.
During his speech delivery, Hon. Keytong Moses spotlighted the developmental projects which had been implemented in the electoral area and other specific areas, through which these projects are zeroed in on. He remarked on these specific areas, namely; Agriculture, Health, Education, Water, Road Networks, Sanitation, Security, Electoral Area Reform, Energy, Sports and Games. In each of these abovementioned areas, he expounded on what has been duly achieved during the four year period as follows:
In this sector, Hon. Keytong Moses threw light on his achievements and the motive behind majoring in Agriculture. This he stated, was due to a great number of indigenes with propensity towards farming. These achievements being:
Making tractor services easily affordable to farmers at reduced prices, to the extent of some farmers even accessing these services on credit.
Fertilizers and other farm inputs were made available to farmers and an extension officer was provided to the electoral area to assist farmers to adopt better and modern methods of farming.
The Buli dam was reconstructed and upgraded through the support of World Food Program (WFP). And for the very first time in the history books of the Buli Electoral Area, the 33rd Farmers’ Day Anniversary Celebration was hosted in Buli in 2017. Incentives such as cutlasses, zinc, bicycles, knapsack sprayers, protective clothings, etc. were supplied to conscientious farmers.
In the health sector, he communicated his efforts with the NHIS management to constantly visit for new registration and make renewals, as he also assisted financially. Additionally, the Labour Ward at Buli CHPS which was in a dilapidated condition was gentrified with the aid of the Hon. Member of Parliament for the Wa District which has subsequently curtailed mortality rate in the community.
He further said, a security was fully employed and health workers with expertise were engaged to see to the peacefulness in the hospital and a safe environment during working hours. People with deadly diseases were given rapt attention.
The Honourable Member highlighted the importance of education in the community and efforts he had putten in this sector, being:
The initiation of the building of two newly U-shaped classroom blocks for both Buli and Bulingin primary schools by GETFUND
Newly built U shaped class room blocks


He also talked about the provision of text books and desktop computers through the support of philanthropists to the aforementioned schools.
The request for the inclusion of Buli into the School Feeding Program to boost enrolment has been made. And there have been the opening of community based schools for Wuroyiri and Nemahyiri communities.
The honourable made mention of his successful efforts in bringing potable and accessible water to the electoral area with the help of some NGOs and the district assembly. The provision of new boreholes and repair of kaput ones were recounted. Communities such as Buli, Wuroyiri, Nemahyiri, Bulingin, Gyedo, and Landaayiri, all in the electoral area each obtained a new borehole. Buli and Bulingin had two faulty boreholes repaired.
These projects were made possible through the funding of the Member of Parliament for the Wa district, PRO-NET, C.O.P, Hon. Kyetong and the Global church.

Road Networks:
Rehabilitation of roads in the electoral area has been executed; From Buli to Yeleriyi, from Yeleriyi to Woloyiri, from Buli to Maalsotary and from Buli to Lassia. Buli to Maalsotary was newly constructed and the others were reshaped, all made possible through the funding of the district assembly.
In remarks to sanitation, honourable Keytong Moses clarified that, an “open defecation free” agenda was set up. This was instituted to combat open defecation and also build public toilets in communities in the electoral area. This was implemented with the succour of NGOs. Also, a command Labour was frequently organised to tidy up communities in preventing the spread of diseases. The following communities, namely, Buligin, Gyedo, Wuroyiri, Maalsotong and Wuloyiri were declared open defecation free.
Adressing the audience, he explicated that armed robbery and petty stealing which were rampant in and around the electoral area were minimized. Measures and agreements were reached with the police to provide security and truncate crimes.
locally produced Soap.
In addition, he touched on the provision of employment for the youth, both men and women, and thus, the men are in security agencies and the women have been taken through vocational trainings, such as tye and dye making, liquid soap making, and weaving. This was successfully brought into being with the help of NGOs.
In each community, the number of people employed were as follows; 28 in Woloyori, 20 in Ladaateny, 25 in Bulingin, 4 in Bulin and 5 within Wechiau.
Energy, Sports and Games:
He further stressed on the possibilities of connecting every community to the national grid. He pointed out the provision of high tension poles in the communities and the enough street lighting being made for the safety of the communities. In Buli township 28 street lights have been provided and has reduced crime rate.
Moreover, “Football Gala” is periodically organised, alongside other sports in the communities, as sports is essential in human activities. It is being done to restore unification between the communities, for entertainment purposes and also for the youth to unearth their talents.
By: Nii Okai Tagoe

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