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Let’s get to the foundation, to address the Country’s immoral fibre!

A mother having time with her daughter Things are not the same anymore because, someone failed to deliver his or her responsibility. Parents have the basic responsibility to give their children the fundamental to life and train them to become a responsible adult. Now, the story has change because everyone …

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Let’s Empower the Living, Not the Dead!

Words are powerful, it can make or unmake someone. What are the words you use? Does it empower someone or destroy someone? Over some years now, I have been contemplating on how Ghanaians celebrate the death more than the living. Of what essence is it? Meanwhile, a brother or sister …

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Lift up yourself!

Immaturity is the thinking that you have answers to all circumstances while wisdom is the acceptance that you do not know everything. Weakness is wanting to control everything around you while strength is accepting things gracefully and valuing them. Insecurity is the constant gnawing desire to have more and more. …

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Education in Ghana is Marching Forward!

Let us applaud the government for making Free SHS possible for all. Education can never be underestimated when it comes to development. Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. Our country is suffering due to high illiteracy rate because, some Ghanaians vote without …

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Practice what you say!

Before you will criticise government, check your ways. Before you will criticise government, take a positive step or make an effort to change something. Before you criticise government, get your facts right. As individuals, what are we doing to bring the change we want to see in our lives and …

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