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Change Agent Media demonstrates generosity to Samansuo D/A Primary School

Following the report published on the 6th of November 2018, which created attention on the high school drop-out due to the lack of school uniforms and footwear at Samansuo D/A Primary School, Change Agent Media becoming privy to the unsavory situation, supplied the students with uniforms and footwear to facilitate their education.
Samansuo is a farming community and a suburb of Sefwi Juaboso at the sub area of Bodi District in Akomtobra Constituency, Western North Region.
Last year, Change Agent Media paid a visit to the Samansuo D/A Primary School to interact with some of the students and teachers to cognize how the situation has affected their education.
Change Agent Media, after being sentient of this bleak situation appealed for financial succor via social media to aid these less-privileged students.
Monday, the 11th of February, 2019 was a day of sheer bliss in the lives of pupils of Samansuo D/A Primary School when they received the School uniforms.
Change Agent Media which is committed to human interest donated an undisclosed amount of money to a teacher, Mr. Heracles Ofosuhene to provide School Uniforms and shoes for the students who have been coming to School with torn or no uniforms.
The money raised has been able to provide the students with 16 uniforms to enable them have sound minds to study hard.
Now, the students of Samansuo D/A Primary have smiles all over their faces with much gratitude to Change Agent media.
Speaking to some of the students, they expressed immense appreciation to the donors when they appealed for support.
Stephen Asare who is in class six said, initially he felt shy and sad when he attended school with those torn uniforms. Sometimes, he explained that he was derided by some of his colleagues.
Meanwhile, he aspires to become a soldier in the near future and this sort of derision he suffered from, could have impeded his professional dream.
“May the ubiquitous God incessantly endow all donators with endless benisons, grace, and mercies owing to their humanitarian efforts. We are extremely grateful” he expressed.
Akwasi Naasemina who is in class three (3) also said, previously, he felt uncomfortable coming to school with no uniforms and torn shorts. This, he stressed was indeed very sad and could have shut down his dream of becoming the President of Ghana.
Speaking to the Teacher, he said, “We really appreciate the love you have shown the students of Samansuo D/A Primary School.”
He noted that, students were not of sound minds to learn and this undoubtedly had an adverse effect on their education since their academic performance declined drastically.
According to him, he anticipates that this unrestricted munificence Change Agent Media has delivered would bring a positive change in the students’ academic performance.
“We are still pleading with various foundations, organizations and individuals to come to our aid because, there are a lot of problems which still need to be resolved,” the teacher supplicated.
According to him, some students come to school with torn flip-flops, no uniforms, shoes or school bags.
Therefore, Mr. Ofosuhene  said, “We will be much grateful if any organization or individual would have pity and donate to support these little ones so that they can climb their various academic ladders.”
This he noted, is a very big problem for the teachers, parents and the community as a whole to single-handedly remedy.
Samansuo is a very small farming community and about 90 percent of the people are just caretakers of cocoa farms, where they toil to take care of others’ cocoa farms just to receive 1/3 (one third) of a bag of cocoa beans as their salaries. So, this has become very difficult for the people, especially parents, to take care of their children.
Editor: Mr Kwabena Asare Baffour

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