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A change of government can barely culminate in a significant transfiguration of the development of a country and the lives of individuals

A change of government can barely culminate in a significant transfiguration of the development of a country and the lives of individuals‎, if the citizens fail to put up corresponding positively changed characters and attitudes. The government is only present to exercise its executive and legislative authority in ensuring a stable economy and a country.

One thing to reckon is that, change and development are individualistic duties. Without us having a unified mind of developing our own country and changing our attitudes toward how we manage our affairs, there can never be development in the country.

The phrase “Change” is rife in our election times and campaigns in Ghana, but has there been the prevalence of considerable changes in our lives or the country after the several change of governments we have experienced? I believe the majority vote will be “No”, but why this? Because the citizens themselves haven’t had a change in their attitudes and characters toward the development of the country.


Several governments have expended billions of cedis on sanitation projects in the country and endeavoured to render the various cities and the entire country clean as possible and also to stymie any form of catastrophe accompanying a filth-engulfed area. These efforts engaged by the various governments have been proven futile and as an upshot, innumerable places in the country are inundated with filth, including our markets, water bodies, drainage, and other areas in our cities. These tend to pose astronomical problems such as flooding, whenever the rain falls, and other noisome pestilence caused by dirt. It can without much effort be proven, that this overwhelming filth is the repercussion of the lack of proper practice of hygeine in our homes, and also the failure of recognizing the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Building at unapproved locations and areas is also another factor sufficient in causing flooding and thus, citizens should take great precautions. Most citizens are aware of their actions, however, they turn a blind eye to it and that leads to their own problems. But later, they confidently shift blames to the government.


Moreover, human development is the bedrock which leads to all other forms of development in the country. Any form of development is key, but the fundamental which can bring forth and improve our lives and the country is the development of our own selves, and this is ultimately accomplished through education. Education is said to be the key to success and development and this claim is proven right in all forms and areas. The government is putting up efforts in the educational sector in order to educate those who are willing by all means possible. This is to ameliorate their life standards and also for them to contribute fairly towards the development of the country. Here is the situation whereby many people in some parts of Ghana fail to see the consequentiality of education. They priotise child marriage, child labor, religious and cultural factors over formal education. Girl children are most vulnerable in these situations, so their education is the most important. A lot of them fall victims to child marriages, child labour, and religious and cultural superstitions, hindering their access to education. These factors impede literacy and the illiteracy rate purges on a high level, making total education and human development project in the country a difficult task to accomplish. This proves any effort by the government fruitless and apparently, it’s by a change in our own attitude of seeing the importance of getting our children educated, that can bring development.

Flood is one of the major challenges we have come to face in the country in these recent years, including high rate of illiteracy. We can vote in and vote out innumerable governments in the quest for change in our lives and development. But, devoid of a positive change in our minds and how we handle affairs as individuals and collectively as citizens first, there can never be any significant changes and development in any part of us. Change starts from within and our mind is the first factor to consider in change and development, which I believe can transform the country to the what we have always wished and cried for.

By: Nii Okai Tagoe


Editor: Mr. Kwabena Asare Baffour

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