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Don’t Lag Behind, Stay Abreast with Technology- Mr. P. Y. Asare cautioned Ghanaians

The Executive Director of FrontPage Consult, Mr. Michael P. Y. Asare has cautioned Ghanaians to be attuned to the trends and changes in technology in order to avoid being left out on the unending updates of technology.

According to him, individuals must regularly learn to acquire the relevant skills and prepare themselves in adapting to the trends of technology in this contemporary world.

He made this indispensable contribution whiles speaking to Change Agent Media in a slide – line interview during Unilime Foundation’s Congress, a programme geared towards building great leaders and generational thinkers organised by Unilime Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation committed to humanitarian activities in Accra last Saturday.


Not surprised regarding people’s constant loss of jobs, Mr. Asare asserted, this is owing to the mindset of people, predicting that technology would get every job done and thus, “what you can do back in previous days, the technology is here to do it”.
“If you are a skilled person now, you may need to get extra knowledge in technology to be able to match up with the several things technology is upbringing. People are changing, so you also have to change but if you are not, then you are missing out,” he said.
Technology has advanced and most businesses are building around existing technology. Therefore, people must change to fit and understand the new breed of technological systems.
Citing examples, the Executive Director mentioned that, there is the existence of Closed – Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera to monitor the house and the husband could text his partner to open the gate for him rather than horning for a security man to open it. So, it would get to a time where people would not need a security man in their houses.

According to him, it is a social change, hence, those who are optimistic would take advantage of learning new skills in acclimatizing to the change they would want to see, but the pessimists would unarguably see it as a negative change.”Failing to adequately prepare or lacking the apposite skills would compel you to suggest that it would bestow negative impacts on you, but actually, it does not entirely affect you adversely”, Mr. Asare noted.

To him, he thinks that technology is to the advantage of Ghanaians. However, he explained that, “it is left for us to understand the systems and their dynamics so we could use for our benefits and ameliorate the country.”

Highlighting on technology, Mr. Asare who is an “Agriprenuer” emphasized that, Ghanaians are moving into a new era where one must adjust to suit the new age, else one would be swept away by the impending wave.

“We can deploy it for innumerable things and use it to our advantage, since there are many potentials we can leverage on for our benefits,” he reiterated.

The Youth 
Touching on the youth, he pointed out that, the world consists of many young people who are driving innovation, adducing Mark Zuckerburg as an archetype. Therefore, the youth must take more advantage of the technology to better their lives.
Advising the youth, Mr. Asare noted that the youth must put technology to good use by learning coding and finding ways to profitably use social media, rather than concentrating on its inapt usage.
“I will admonish that, if the youth have no knowledge in technology, they need to learn to get the requisite skills because, in the next decade, they would be in realms of affairs and thus, they would need to understand the systems in order to maneuver through in becoming successful in life,” he stressed.

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