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Excelling as a woman demands creativity and outstanding qualities-Ms. Araba Sey

Miss Esther Araba Sey is popularly known as Araba Sey, a young lady growing very fast in the modeling industry. Ms. Sey is a former delegate of Miss Malaika 2016.

She has worked so hard to break barriers so as to work with international photographers like Steve Ababio, Bob Pixel, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, among others.

The Fashion and Modeling Industry in Ghana is gradually gaining grounds with the likes of Victoria Michaels, Roselyn Ashkar, Belinda Baidoo and others representing the country creditably on the international market with their participation in several international fashion shows. It is worth mentioning that Araba Sey is a brand gaining grounds among the likes of these Supermodels.
As winner of Face of Knust Pageant and a model who has grabbed a few awards and nominations both in Ghana and outside Ghana she has been very determined to lift the ban so as to achieve her goals and aspirations. She has been associated with brands like Stanbic Bank, GTP, Rush Energy Drink, Exeter Corned Beef, Bajaaj Motors(Nigeria), SuperBold Magazine(Nigeria), Janem Spa and Salon, Tasty Yoghurt Drink just to mention a few.

Being an inspiration to many women especially the youth, she won the ‘Most Influential Model of the Year’ at the 2016 edition of Ghana Tertiary Awards. This year, she won the same award to tell the world, everything is possible in life, all you need is determination and hard work.

Today, Change Agent Media celebrates her great achievements and outstanding dedication as a youth, to tell the rest of the world especially the youth that they can also make it in life no matter their current situation. Enjoy a great interview with the living Legendary Araba Sey:

How best can you describe Araba Sey?

Ans: I would best describe Araba Sey as a young and vibrant lady, strongly driven by passion and ambition and stops at nothing to inspire, impact and achieve whatever she sets her mind on to accomplish. She is a proud Fante who resides in Accra and hails from Apam in the Central Region.

Araba is a graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) holding a Bachelor’s degree in Textiles and Fashion Design and is also a Model, Brand Influencer, Marketer and an Entrepreneur.

Growing up, how was life?

Ans: Growing up, life was quite calm but a bit challenging. I learnt something from my challenging moments and that was; No matter how many times you run away from your fears, you will surely have to face it one day if it’s in line with your purpose or talent. Greatness can only be achieved when you decide to face your fears and take risks.

Share with us one experience you will never forget when growing up?

 Ans: One experience I’ll never forget when growing up was when I had to face an audience knowing how much stage fright I had and didn’t know how to speak in front of a huge crowd. I almost dropped the microphone because I nearly passed out on stage.

What is your greatest fear in life?

Ans: My greatest fear in life is not being able to fulfill my purpose before dying and the fear of failure.

How was your school life combining modeling with academics?

Ans: Adding modeling to my school life was a bit challenging with how intensive my course in school was, but I managed to structure my schedules well to combine the two and as at that time, I wasn’t so much involved in modeling activities which allowed me to concentrate more on my studies. A person of focus and achievements is one who always plans well and ahead of time.

What was the motive behind moving from GIJ to KNUST?

Ans: The motive behind moving from Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) to KNUST was to escape having anything to do in relation to the public or being exposed to public duties. I used to be very reserved and shy. I didn’t like talking much, therefore I wanted to run away from Journalism which had to do with being outspoken and communicating with a lot of people. Besides that, I had love for Arts and wanted to pursue a course in that field but fortunately, attending KNUST rather exposed me to public activities and aided in bringing me out of my shell.

What inspired you into modeling?

Ans: Close friends and loved ones inspired me into modeling.

What are some of the challenges confronting the modeling industry?

Ans: Some of the challenges confronting the modeling industry are; Modeling isn’t given that much respect and acknowledgement. People do not see any positivity in investing in the modeling industry. Modeling doesn’t really fetch a lot of money here in Ghana due to the low patronage and little importance given to it. The Modeling Industry isn’t recognized as a hardworking field but a career field where you sleep around to make money.

What are some of your personal challenges in the industry?

Ans: Personal challenges in the industry include inconsistencies in receiving contracts or gigs. This is one of the general challenges that comes with being a model. Also, how certain people tend to relate negatively with you due to the negative perception people have about models. You tend to have people showing interest in you and wanting to sleep with you before helping you.

Do you regret being a model? If yes, why? If no why?

Ans: I don’t regret ever being a model. Though there have been negative perceptions about models, my personality has driven people to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve whatever they dream of becoming in life. People look up to me, get inspired and desire to also become great models. I get fulfillment in seeing people being motivated by what I do.

Do you agree with the notion that, before a woman can attain a higher status quo in life or position one must have an affair with their superior?

Ans: It takes a great amount of diligence, intelligence, creativity, hard work and certain outstanding unique qualities to attain a certain position in a job field or in life. It doesn’t have to always come with you sleeping with your superior. You have to learn to endure and fight your way through to make it. You may face challenges pushing through this but if it’s meant for you, you will surely have it. With God, all things are possible.

Winning the best model award 2018 at UMB awards, what influence has it had on your brand?

Ans: Winning the Best Model Award has had a positive influence on my brand. It has boosted my morale to work harder to achieve more and has inspired many others to be focused, determined and persevere to achieve their goals. Many people look up to me now for inspiration and mentoring concerning their dreams and aspirations in life.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next Five years?

Ans: In the next five years, I see myself being recognized as an international brand in the field of modeling, creating a positive impact on the youth where through my influence, most of the youth here and outside Ghana would have been able to discover themselves, achieve their goals and also delve into other career fields of which I find interest in.

What is your advise to the youth especially ladies?

Ans: My advice to the youth especially ladies is that when targeting in any aspect of their lives or career, they should always begin with God. God should be their topmost priority. They should discover themselves to know where their passion and interests lie so they don’t just get into any field without any tangible purpose or reason. Desperation should be cancelled out of their thoughts and plans. It gives some people who are above them in their fields of interest the urge to take advantage of them. They should persevere and not give in to frustration or depression when challenges set in. Success is a process. It may come slowly or fast but if you follow the right rules, you will surely get there.

When given the opportunity as the President of Ghana, what one policy will you implement or change to effect the lives of females.

Ans: When given the opportunity as the President of Ghana, one policy I will implement or change to effect the lives of females is setting up structures to empower women through education and skill building. So there would be special training in basic schools aside normal tuition. This training would be geared towards equipping the youth especially young girls. They will be given capital after completion to establish businesses on their own.

In your own view, what measures do you think government can put in place to address unemployment situations in the country?

Ans: A certain measure I think government can put in place to address unemployment situations in the country is decentralization. Major government institutions should be dispersed in various regions in the country to reduce the burden on the capital city.

Also, more public-private partnerships should be executed.

Reforming the educational sector can be made to include a capacity and skill building syllabus to prepare the minds of students for entrepreneurship.

Another factor worth mentioning is promoting the use of Made-in-Ghana products. When this is promoted, there will be more room for individuals to produce goods and provide services which then supply them with jobs rather than always importing goods from other countries. The government would also set up more factories and employ more individuals since there would be a readily available market.

Shout out to those who have contributed to your success.

Ans: Shout out to my management, family, close friends and loved ones who have contributed immensely to my success.

Congratulations! Soar higher, keep inspiring the youth.



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