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Gender Equality: A one sided ‘Tug of War’

The fight for gender equality has long been overstretched and often been skewed towards one

gender in recent times. The quest to have an egalitarian society has often been misunderstood in recent times to rather mean the upliftment of the status of women only. Women empowerment and


feminism seem to be on the lips of almost everyone in recent times. The quest to achieve gender parity is now being perceived as a pointless gender war where women are believed to be the losers in all situations.


Gender equality has therefore always been about extolling and lionizing women at the expense of men. In the face of these happenings, the main question that comes to mind pertains to whether gender equality is really about what it claims to be or is just an attempt to aggrandize women and wage an unending war against men.


Gone are the days when women were perceived to be obsequious and regarded as objects of sex. A new era has dawned upon us. Formal education, civilization and modernization have served as game changers in the global paradigm shift. The dynamics have changed and there are now no barriers to the inclusion of women.

Equal Access

Women now have equal access to health, economic,

educational, and other opportunities. Surprisingly, in the face of all these developments, women still take centre stage in the gender equality discourse. Another question that comes to mind is, are women really the disadvantaged group in the face of all these developments? The answer to this question is a simple “NO”. Surprising as it may seem, it may not remain the same after the facts

have been laid bare.


The analogies drawn between sexism have always been false.

In order to assess the status of any underprivileged group, a number of criteria were espoused by the Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools. The criteria included life expectancy, infant mortality, incidence of disease, involvement with drugs, violence, level of literacy, retention

rates at school, success rates in examinations, employment and income levels.

The Inequality

Surprisingly, it was

realized males ended up being the disadvantaged group as they fell short in terms of life

expectancy, infant mortality, incidence of disease, violence, employment and success rates in

examination. One would find it hard to believe that men fell short in terms of violence, employment and success rates in examination. Violence is always misconstrued and equated to domestic violence and this is never true.


A research conducted by the Global Burden of Disease indicates that almost twice as many men as women die as a result violence each year. This revelation is further buttressed by a national study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and US Department of Justice suggesting that more men than women were victims of intimate partner physical violence within the past years.

The story is no different in terms of employment as a new report based on linkedin data which

analyzed billions of interactions between professionals, companies, and recruiters found out that women are more likely to get more employed than men. This is not so surprising as a certificate is no longer enough to secure a job for men. Something more than a “hard chest” and a flat “butt” is required to secure a decent job. This is not to disrespect women in any manner but the fact that women have an extra physical appeal to convince employers should never be underestimated.


In a world overtaken by rampant feminism, females are now outperforming males in terms of

academics. This is no news as several schools have begun to come up with grading systems that favours females at the expense of males all in the name of gender equality. This would not have been a problem if men were naturally smart than women. In the words of Jay Giedd, a psychiatrist at the University of California San Diego, “We now have growing scientific evidence to replace old biological superstitions. Grey matter in female brains develops faster”. This is a clear indication that men have absolutely nothing to gain in the face of such educational policies.


The notion of “sex for grades” has always been viewed from the perspective of women thereby tagging men as the culprits in all situations. This perception is a complete hoax as more often than not, some women try to take advantages of the weakness of men in order to achieve educational success.


This writeup is not meant to demoralize women in any way but rather to lay the facts bare and

punch holes into the concept of gender equality that claims to bridge the gap between men and

women, yet is only a simple excuse to spread feminism and bring about a pointless gender war.

By: Samuel Odoom


Editors: Mr. Roland Annor Botchway & Louis Owusu

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