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Ghana needs brilliant leaders with innovative ideas to turnaround the Country’s fortunes

Dear youth,
Ghana is a developing country but have achieved very little as compared to other developing countries globally. We have a deficit in almost all sectors that drive economic development.
Politics is a two edged sword that has been very pivotal in building world economies. There’s not a single developed country that got to that status without Politics. Politics is not an evil thing. It is actually an ingredient that is embedded in everything that surrounds humanity.
However, it is the individual players of politics that corrupt it. Many fail to see the bigger picture of the usefulness of Politics in our lives. If one looks at all human institutions, you would realise majority of them was birthed by Politics. Partisanship is the enemy out here. It is the blind fold blocking the functionality of many youthful brains.
The main focus of these institutions are to achieve goals that serve the interest of humanity but from the point of view of a select few in specific leadership positions, factions, groups, communities, and etc. This is the reason we find some people disagreeing with others.
Politics has existed before us and  would continue to exist when we are dead and gone for good. It is reasons we ought to understand its operational values in order to benefit positively from it rather than using it as a divisive tool. What would be the essence and importance of your life to the future generation in the next 100 years?
It would therefore be prudent for the youth to adopt the neutrality approach in order to achieve a lot for posterity. Ghana needs brilliant leaders with innovative ideas that will change the negative narrative. Fortunately, development is not a perishable static commodity. It can always get better with the right innovation and people.
This means when people of different views, philosophy, beliefs and values come together to push a single agenda, their chances of achieving a lot more is greater. Therefore, in the beauty of tolerance, self respect, open mindedness and optimism, let us support our elected leaders to achieve more rather than counter their commitment to serve.
Let’s be civil in our interactions and disagreements in order not to make enemies or bring any potential leader’s personality or pedigree into disrepute. We all have the potential to lead, serve and make something good happen but we all cannot become leaders. Let’s assist the select few to stand firm.
You must be respectful and serviceable in supporting your leaders to achieve greatness rather than sabotaging them. I do not believe in ‘Karma’ but in this our global village, I know it works at the speed of light and has served a lot of people right.
A German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said:
The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.
Congratulations to all elected leaders in our current dispensation. Please work as if this is the last position you will ever occupy in life. Serve with passion and commitment that gives great results. Do not pay heed to negative energy or people that badmouth you, rather leave a legacy that would benefit the larger populace including them.
Always remember that 100 years from now, you may/could be celebrated by people who did not live in your time or generation just because of your achievements. The Power lies in your own hands. Achieve it with a strong mind.
Written By: Listowell Acquaye

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