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Ghanaians Celebrate Mothers’ Day

Today marks another consequential day dedicated to the celebration of women of all caliber around the globe.
On this day, Ghanaians recognize and appreciate all women, whether their wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters or female friends for their indispensable and immense contribution in their lives.
The role of all those women out there, be it strapping the baby to the back to provide comfort, fetching foodstuffs from the farm to prepare the family’s dinner etc., are gratefully acknowledged.
 Mothers’ Role
The stoicism of our cherished mothers through the pain and frustration in bringing up responsible children cannot be overlooked
With all these sacrifices and altruism of women, it behooves Ghanaians to exude their commendations to them in diverse ways regarding their passion and commitment to responsibilities, as we celebrate and grace this great day.
Women play myriad roles in our homes as mothers and wives; balancing of roles, be it at the office, in the market place, or in the farms. It is without doubt that women find time and space in their hearts and minds to ensure the prevalence of peace and tranquility, for as long as it depended on them to facilitate development.
Our illustrious smart women whom we celebrate today have worked assiduously to change the once-upon-a-time status quo that women were to stay behind and not be seen in front.
 Celebrating Mothers
Change Agent Media, celebrating another special day for womanhood, below are how some Ghanaians celebrated their lovely mothers:
A Teacher, Ms. Freda Kusi Appiah appreciated her mother, Mrs. Gladys Kusi Appiah for her diligence in bringing them this far.
“Mum, thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for us. The sacrifices, love and care you always show us are amazing. Your children are so proud of you. God bless you. We pray for long life with good health to enjoy the fruit of your labour”, she said.
According to her, her mother is a virtuous woman and she will always remember her for the sacrifices and selflessness.
A Civil Servant, Mr. Felix Adjei Boamah prayed for her mother, Ms. Georgina Dankwa who is a trader for working sedulously in bringing him this far, especially through his education.
“I really love her, the senior-most Mmaa mu Daddy Lumber. She’s the most caring mum,” he expressed joy of having her as a mother.
Virtuous Woman
A Media Professional, Ms. Priscilla Naa Anyamah Attuquaye showered blessings on her mother, Ms. Christiana Offei who is a Poultry Farmer aside from the pivotal role of being a mother.
 “God will continue to replenish and give you strength. I love you so much”, she prayed for her.
Being a virtuous woman, Ms. Attuquaye said “I will remember her for her prayers and unending love.”
Speaking to an entrepreneur, Mr. David Adjei shared his story with his mother.
According to him, his mother is the reason for his life and whatever and whoever he is today, his mother has made a crucial contribution to his personal development.
 It is therefore appropriate that he celebrates his mother to make her feel proud, valued, special, cherished, loved and important as many do on this day.
Doing this, Mr. Adjei said, it promotes intimacy and leads to virtues like mercy and compassion.
According to him, his mother has given him the treasured lessons that could guide him along his journey of life, even when she is no longer with him.
God has given us mothers as gifts and He commands us to revere, love, and give them recognition for their heroic roles, just as we are careful to obey all His commands.
An Administrative Secretary, Ms. Lilian Boakye expressing how much she loves and appreciates her mother Ms. Vida Addo, a business woman, she noted that, it is by grace that God blessed her with her mother.
“Even after our lives on this earth, I pray God saves a little memory of you in my soul to always remember you. Words cannot explain the love I have for you,” she said.
Praying for her for longevity, Ms. Boakye said, she would remember her kind heart and care which she extends to everyone being a relative or not and described her as “Benignant.”
A teacher, Eva Konadu Boateng indicated that, anytime Mothers’ Day is being celebrated, she is been reminded of the love and care her mother, Mrs. Esther Boateng who is trader has for her and everyone.
“I pray for God’s benisons on you, mum. I love you so much and I still remember the love and care you’ve shown me from the scratch,” she prayed for her and described her as “God Sent.”
Describing the love, a Social entrepreneur, Ms. Regina Okyere Darko has for her mother, Ms. Cecilia Fordjour who is a Caterer she said “I love her and she is one of the greatest gift I have on earth.”
Extolling her mother, Ms. Darko said “I remember her for the strength and efforts she put in everything she does, to see me and my siblings excel.”
She described her as a strong woman.
Mothers are all we have. We cannot do anything without them.  We would not even be in the world today if not for their presence.
It is incumbent on all of us to endeavor to cherish and love mothers the way they deserve, because incontrovertibly, we would always be beholden to them as far as we live. Celebrating and feting them today would create some glee in our mothers.
 Happy Mothers’ Day!
Editor: Mr. Kwabena Asare Baffour

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