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Happy Independence Somehow Still Dependent Day!!

On that very faithful Day Of Independence, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made a very famous political statement saying, “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is link up to the total liberation of Africa”.

Inasmuch as the statement was true at the time it was made, we can still feel the importance of it even after 63 years of Ghana’s independence. Ghana was the first country to gain independence in the Sub Saharan Africa, which other countries followed the same path to free themselves from the bondage of their oppressors.

Nkrumah’s dream

Pan Africanism was one of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s dream. A United State Of Africa which he had the blueprint for the vision, but couldn’t succeed due to external forces which couldn’t bare the growth of Africa if that was possible.

Ghana and Africa has come a long way looking at the growth of our political system and the economy. Even though it is not the best of what is expected but it is not also easy to adopt a foreign culture and perfectly execute  it. Ghana has practiced democracy for 63 years . Many citizens wouldn’t rate it as the best since we have intertwined it with corruption. But other African countries look up to Ghana since they believe our political system is a bit perfect and the world even congratulate for a good job done.

Foreign Aid

Ghana is an independent country but we are not totally independent. How can we be independent but continue to depend on foreign Aid for financial and social stability. Ghana turned to the IMF in 2015 for $918 million dollars loan to stabilize the economy. And In 2018, the national debt of Ghana amounted to 31.79 billion US dollars which the country is still in debt as we continue to borrow and seek for Aid in 2020.

Apparently, this makes one continue to question the independence of Ghana and Africa at large since the whole of the continent depend on financial assistance from foreign countries to function properly. Even though the continent is the most richest continent in the world endowed with unlimited resource. One will ask, what are we not doing right as a country or as a continent?


The reality of today’s Africa makes one to see the relevance of Kwame Nkrumah’s statement on that very faithful day of independence. If Africa could be a United State Of Africa, we could be a huge country to handle all of our affairs and never depend on other countries. We have the resources from human to material to deal with all problems but unity plays a key role in liberation. Since we are never united, it will be extremely difficult to be totally independent.

Furthermore, the word Unity brings me to the whole idea of  tribalism. Tribalism is a very sensitive issue in Ghana and even in our politics which has separated us on many levels. Tribal politics pertains in our political system which has brought about division in many areas. Political parties being of certain tribes, certain offices employing base on tribal merits and other tribal division shows our unseriousness to progress as a country since there is no unity among Ghanaians. This has being a setback in our political and economic growth and makes me wonder if there can really be a United State of Africa when a small country like Ghana is not united due to tribalistic problems. Tribalism does not only pertain in Ghana but many other African countries with same problem as Ghana.

The National Liberation Movement

Then, in 1954 The National Liberation Movement (NLM) was formed made up of the so called disaffected Ashanti Members of the Convention People’s party. The Linguist to the Asante Hene around the 1950’s Baffour Osei Akoto founded the political party, with the main aim of opposing Nkrumah’s leadership. They said ” Ghana was not ready for Independence in 1957″. This  brought up the question, Were we not independent before colonisation? Or was colonisation a good thing to start with?. The truth behind NLM’s statement can be partially seen from our progress since independence as we haven’t done much as a country but continue to lack heavily on many areas, in terms of our governance, health, education, economy and standard of life. And the blame is a result of the the overthrow of Nkrumah’s governments.

Also, was democracy the best option was Africa? Democracy is foreign to Ghana. Democracy is foreign idea of governance. Ghana was used to practice the monarchy system which is equivalent to socialism. In as much as it was heavily criticised and Kwame Nkrumah wanted that for us, we can now believe 63 years from now. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s vision is more relevant now and anything he wanted for us would have been the best for the country and continent.
Happy Independence somehow still dependent Day.!!!
By: Nii Okai Tagoe

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