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Jane Naana Agyemang’s Political Appointment Puts Women In A New Light.

Women seeing themselves in a new light.

In the 21st century, there has being an increase in the number of women in male dominated fields and other designations. The campaign to bring about equality, gender balance roles and responsibilities as women think they deserve more than what they have being served by their male counterparts is steadily growing. The uprising dubbed women empowerment is to erase the stereotype of women being liable to men,and only meant for domestic and recreational purposes.

The appointment of Prof. Jane Naana opuku Agyemang by the NDC as running mate for John Mahama has directed most Ghanaian voices, especially females on women empowerment, as an achievement for women in the country.
In Ghana, we have witnessed empowered women whom have stood for leading positions in politics and have done marvellously well but couldn’t achieve much since they were independent from the two leading political parties in Ghana.

Undoubtedly Prof. Jane Naana has attained the highest level of education than her other counterparts including men which is a good representation of an empowered woman. Her nomination as the running mate for the National Democratic Congress has set a different standard for women in Ghanaian politics in relation to what they are capable of attaining which is the highest positions in Ghanaian politics and leadership.

Moreover, it was recently reported that women entrepreneurship in Ghana is the highest in Africa which is a good sign of an empowered and independent woman. Most of these entrepreneurs are petty traders and women taken upon themselves to establish their own businesses. Even though some of these women are uneducated, they have overcome the status quo and have achieved the unachievable and not let their illiteracy weigh them down to be underachievers.

They have gone further to establish high time businesses and even employed some men in their firms which has inspired other women to access their limitless capabilities; everything is possible no matter one’s gender.

Entrepreneurship of a woman signifies an empowered woman who will be independent and not rely on man or the society. Most women in entrepreneurship are worthy of praise since they raise the standard, attain higher feet and all this while are not in the patriarchal system which is common in most organizations especially the corporate structure.

These women set their own rules, be their own bosses and run their business how they feel without anybody questioning their decisions based on their gender.

Further, this will encourage young women coming up to know what real independence and empowerment is about and will strive for the best in their lives to attain better.

Apparently, opportunities are not equally distributed to everyone in this country to experience similar fates. In other words, each and every woman should be empowered to attain the highest in life. This should be the example mothers should set for their daughters and not just be trained to be good house wives for their husbands. This ideology naturally limits the female’s capabilities as she sees herself as someone who is only living to please a man.

Education is an achievement and sign of empowerment. Uneducated women should not feel less of themselves as they can equally achieve the unimaginable. These women can be trained with vocational skills, venture into business and achieve big establishments to be independent and successful. Every female deserves to be more than a wife and every female deserves to attain higher heights like their fellow male counterparts have done without any hindrances and self doubts.

Prof Jane Naana Agyemang’s appointment has given women a new light and a different look into their capabilities and powers to see themselves more than what they just are.

By: Nii Okai Tagoe

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