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Let’s give helping hands to the needy-Dr. Lorinda Liang

“To each of you whose tender hearts and helping hands have erased the burdens of so many, please accept my heartfelt gratitude”- Dr. Lorinda Liang said.

In recent years, Mother Nature has displayed her vengeance and supremacy in unusual and powerful ways. We thank the almighty God for blessing us with the abilities to meet the immediate needs of Ghanaians and even other parts of the world during the hard times of lockdown due to COVID-19. Notwithstanding the short-term hunger relief, long-term projects shall be undertaken soon this year. This is also to create jobs for about 100,000 youth of this country. Dr. Lorinda said.

Dr. Liang who is the Chairman of State Clinical Translational Scientific Research (GH) has been instrumental in the development of great humanitarian work of medical outreaches and provision of food, clothes and logistics to the people in need.

“We must reach out to all mankind” she has said. According to Dr Liang we are all sons and daughters of God our Eternal Father, and He will hold us accountable for what we do concerning the less privileged and relegated.

May we bless humanity with an outreach to all, lifting those who are downtrodden and oppressed, feeding and clothing the hungry and the needy, extending love and neighborliness to those around us is part of the great mission of Dr. Lorinda Liang and her humanitarian partners’ missions, Led by Dr. P. Kwesi Doomson & Team

‘It is impossible for me to find words to adequately express the sacred feelings burning within my soul.’ Said Dr.Lorinda Liang. However, the challenge of hunger goes far beyond Dr. Lorinda and her humanitarian partners.

“A recent United Nations report indicated that the number of undernourished people in the world now exceeds 820 Million – or almost one in nine of the earth’s inhabitants. Where there’s widespread poverty among our people, we must do all we can to help them to lift themselves to establish their lives upon a foundation of self-reliance that can come from education and training (the key to opportunities).

My heart lifts up with the joy of tear when I see the homeless homed, hunger fed, sickness healed, jobless job-ed and orphans cared with love. True humanitarian service demands courage and sacrifice. And indeed, it is rewarding.” said Dr. Liang

At the end of the day, it is such brave sacrifices that are helping save this world.

Let us give extra helping hands. It is such an honor to put a smile on an innocent hungry child’s face by feeding, it is such a blessing to cloth the cloth-less, it is such a privilege to heal the sick, God has created us all equal, let us help our world and families with love and care not hatred, jealousy, organized scandals, robbery and so on.

As a foreign humanitarian and investor, having contributed to the development of Ghana and even yet to do more, from job creation to the humanitarian services, a case for the past 19 years. I have suffered victimization on series of occasions.

But for the sake of love, I forgive all who have hurt me, accused me, harmed me, robbed me and jeopardized my integrity. And I fervently ask God for forgiveness to all of us who do not know what we are doing. Let us be at one, work hands to hands to fight against hunger, homelessness and joblessness with love and joy in God’s Almighty Name.


Writer: James Asamoah 

Editor: Roland Annor Botchway

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  1. Powerful, the world needs to see this to revitalize its duty of generosity towards the homeless, and the socially excluded!

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