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GPCC urges politicians to exhibit integrity in the December polls

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPPC) has urged Ghanaians to embrace integrity and dignity in their campaign as they approach the December polls to be civically responsible to strengthen democracy in the Country. The Council said Ghanaians must ensure they engage in activities to safeguard the integrity of the …

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Africa’s Support Against Racism And Injustice In America Necessary?

Racism and Injustice in America against African-Americans has being a dogma since they where first introduced and enslaved in the American community. 400 years after slavery, America have gone through several law reforms concerning black people, from the freedom of slaves, Jim Crow laws to the current situation of Police …

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When will Inequality end?

I got alarmed as I lay on my bed this dawn, thinking of a more feasible and possible way to reach my students amidst this pandemic. I got to realize that the world is favourable to the privileged. Whenever a problem arise, 80 per cent of the policies and good …

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