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Living Through Accra’s Deadly Traffic

Accra’s deadly traffic.

Accra, the millennium city of Ghana, and also being the capital, witnesses thousands of businessmen and women, students, tourist, merchants and locals who troop in and out from numerous parts of the country and the world at large. Especially, locals from deprived regions who come with the aim of settling and finding a menial job to do. With the mindset of most locals coming to settle in Accra to look for job opportunities and make money has caused an abnormal increase in population in the city.


Eventually, the overpopulation has mounted a great pressure on the city, especially on the traffic and highway system. The traffic rate in Accra city is terrific and overwhelming. Mostly in the morning and evening when everyone is rushing to get to work and return on time, the traffic become huge. Students and traders in the struggle to get vehicles to thier destination and vice versa.

Vehicles On Road

Further, the increasing number of private vehicles on the roads is also a great factor. Since most people are moving into the city, they feel a sense of owning a personal vehicle for their own conveniences. The reason for this is also as a result of our poor commercial vehicles which most of them are in deprived state and prone to accident and inconveniences. This motivates people to get their personal vehicles which causes much traffic on our roads, since there are just fewer roads or let say good roads to service the increasing number of vehicles.

Effect Of Traffic

Apparently, the terrific Accra traffic is having a negative effects on people’s daily lives. It affect us in all aspect of our lives including health, family, time and resources. We tend to neglect the most important parts of our lives, being ourselves and family, because we focus on beating the everyday traffic. Doing this is by waking up very early and journeying to work. We return home late sometimes due to the same traffic when everyone is asleep. And eat late before going to bed. With this developing habit, we don’t get to spend enough time on ourselves and with the family which takes a toll on our health and private life since we eat late and don’t get enough sleep.
People sit in vehicles for hours for short distances making them stressed out and causing all kinds of inconveniences.

The traffic has developed certain traits in people, tending not to get enough time for other stuffs and project because we need to boycott them to be on time for other programs due to the “go slow”. Making our purpose for the day incomplete. Because we are afraid to lose opportunities as time is a great factor.


Economically, it also drains us. The traffic drains more fuel than it is suppose to. Looking at the longer distances it has to cover in slower paces, commercial vehicles sometimes charge passengers according to the traffic they have to endure during a journey.


The solution to this havoc is when roads are expanded and other deprived roads are fixed, creating more options for vehicles. Also the commercial vehicle system is put in great check to fish out all dilapidated and road not worthy vehicles. Therefore, more first class buses(BRT) are imported to encourage commercial vehicle use. Also all vehicles both private and commercial if not road worthy should be taken off road since majority of them are in operations to create room for free movement on the roads.

By: Nii Okai Tagoe

Editor: Emmanuella Oduro Appiah

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