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Mothers are Embodiment of True Love

A good mother is an embodiment of true love, hence your mother is the reason for your life; whatever and whoever you are, your mother has made crucial contribution to your development.

It is, therefore, important that Ghanaians celebrate mothers for the immense role they play in their lives.

A mother’s care starts when the unborn child grows in the womb and draws nutrients from her mother for nine months.

A good mother provides the basic needs of her children. She teaches honesty, hard work and domestic care. She is kind and patient. She is not self-seeking but sacrifices at the risk of her life to help her children.

A good mother opens her mouth with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household. She has amazing compassion, never forgetting her children.

This is why it is very crucial to set a day as Mother’s Day; an International Association was founded in 1912 to promote the day in other countries.

This celebration has grown increasingly popular since then.

In recent times in Ghana, businesses have used the occasion to promote merchandise that children shower on their mothers as gifts on the day.

Single Mother

During this celebration, Single mothers, for their unwavering love and commitment to their children’s welfare are also appreciated by their children.

After they have gone through life challenges, especially the pain that comes with the role of a single mother, single mothers have the unique strength that enables them to carry children in their womb for nine months for those who got abandoned by their baby daddy at the beginning of their pregnancy, while the patience, special heart and tenderness enables them to take care of their child even after birth.

Sometimes, they even cry when their children are crying and go through extensive emotional and psychological trauma due to their condition.

Gallant mothers are indeed gifts which are not replaceable, as they play the role of teachers, psychologists, servants and go every length to solve the problems of their children.

Career Women

Career women who leave home early and come late daily for the sake of the family are also celebrated in a special way.

They toil and struggle day and night to make sure their children do not go to bed without food or water, with or without the support of their partners or husbands after their busy schedules.

Women in Farming

Women in farming communities, who work in the sun and in the rain to raise scholars for this country. They make sure they work so hard to enrol the children in school.

Women in farming are akin to double swords, after working so hard to ensure their children have better education; they bring to the market proper and good farm produces as Ghanaians feed on and export some to boost the economy.

Market Women

Market women are also acknowledged for their hard work. Market women, who defy all odds in the interest of the family, as well as women in the formal and informal sectors. They are always in the scorching sun with the aim to raise money to feed their children and ensure they get quality education.

Mothers, irrespective of their social status and calibre are the cement that keeps the family together and their love lasts a lifetime.

Their unconditional love and special hearts lead to inspire, encourage and give confidence to their children when all seem to have ended.

Happy Mother’s Day

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day today, heroic and courageous mothers around the world have every reason to be excited while they watch their day-old babies grow into boys, girls, men and women.

As part of the celebration, Change Agent Media interviewed some section of Ghanaians across the country and this is what they have to say about their mothers.

A Lecturer and the Director of Students’ Affairs Ms. Naa Korkor Leeyoo Watson-Nortey whose mother is a Retiree said “She’s a blessing to us all and her old time funny jokes will never be forgotten.”

She described her mother, Mrs Eva Nortey as “God sent.”

A media Professional, Mr. Ernest Lartey congratulated all mothers for their selflessness especially her mother Ms. Joyce Kwao who is a Business woman.

Mr Lartey appreciated her mother by saying “his mother is a true model of a virtuous woman – Blessed, Charitable and kind to all. Her good works are not only emboldened on the sands of time but her blessings shall increase like the sand ashore.”

He noted that Ms. Kwao would be remembered for every pain she borne for her children, adding that, “the joy of grooming us responsibly.”

Mr Lartey describe his mother as “Priceless.”

A Social entrepreneur, Ms. Emmanuella Oduro-Appiah also expressed how much she loves her mother, Mrs. Mary Oduro Appiah who is a Business woman.

According to her, despite all her stern attitude and strictness, “we appreciate it because that has shaped us to be who we are today. We love her more and more.”

Today, as the Ghanaians celebrate mother’s day, she describe her mother as “A virtuous woman.”

Some of these mothers sacrifice their happiness, pleasure, good living for their children so that they can be better people in future.

Commending all mothers especially Career mothers, a nurse, Nana Kesse expressed his profound appreciation to his mother, Mrs Josephine Kesse who work as Deputy Director at the Ghana Education Service (GES), Asante Akim Central for her hard work and immense contribution and support to their families and to the society.

Mr Kesse noted that, she is wonderful being and very supportive mother.

A Journalist, Mr. Clinton Afriyie Asokwa appreciated all mothers who do not only build their families but also contribute tremendously in all spheres of life to the society, even though they are negatively affected by economic, social and traditional issues.

Giving his mother, Ms.Victoria Owusu Fosuah who is House Wife a special message, he said “I want to tell her she is a true mother and I really love her. I always pray for good health and long life upon her life because, I have a lot to offer her in few years to come.”

According to him, he would always remember his mother for her love and Kindness to her Children and others as well.

A virtuous woman Mr. Asokwa described her mother.

Celebrating mothers, a nurse, Mr Hormeku Delali Kofi said “I want her to know she is the best mum in the world and forever will she be celebrated not necessarily mother’s day or her birthday”

Mrs. Grace Aku Hormeku who is Provision Seller is described as a Superwoman because of her endless love, protection and care.

Mothers, as traditional home builders, are also powerful agents of change and must be acknowledged.

Celebrate Mothers

As Ghanaians celebrate mothers, Change Agent Media urge Ghanaians to inspire and encourage mothers to understand their role in the task of motherhood and nation building.

Individuals should appreciate not only their biological mothers but every woman who has played the role of a mother in your life or in a friend’s life.

As Ghanaians celebrate this important occasion, if anyone has any issues or problems with their mothers, they should reflect on the past, find a place in their heart to forgive them, no matter the situation, forgive and reconcile with them.

Happy Mother Day!!!


Editor: Mr. Louis Owusu



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