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NGO launches a Project to minimise school drop out in Rural Areas

As a commitment to complement government’s efforts towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, which seeks to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,” a non-governmental organisation (NGO), World Inspiring Network (WIN), has embarked on an educational project to promote quality education for the less privileged but brilliant in the society.

School Dropout

The project, in line with its community intervention schemes is to assist in addressing the issue of school dropout by means of furnishing pupils with scholarships in the rural areas, especially to those who face the risk of dropping out of school in the Eastern Region.
In an interview with Change Agent Media, The President of WIN, Mr. Maxwell Odonkor explained that, it is unfortunate that most deprived families in the country are incapable of affording the basic expenses in sending their children to school, despite the efforts put in place by the government to improve quality education.

“Brilliant pupils are compelled to drop out of school as a result of financial difficulties, whereby most girls get impregnated, continuing the cycle of poverty,” he expressed his concern.

Send a Child to School

As a part of addressing the issue of complementing government’s effort to achieving SDG 10 which seeks to “reduce inequality within and among countries,” they have initiated a project dubbed “send a Child to School.”
This project, Mr. Odonkor said would address the problem of brilliant students being forced out of school and are never given the opportunity to fulfill their potentials. Adding that, this continues to perpetuate the cycle of poverty, mostly with girls being at risk.

“Girls who drop out of school are more likely to get pregnant which culminates in a rise of early marriages and hence, an increased rate of unemployment. Therefore, this situation must be paid attention to,” the President pointed out.
According to him, the Organisation is working assiduously to partner with the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, NGOs, and other stakeholders to identify academically gifted students who need financial assistance to continue their education.

Importance of the Project
Touching on the project, Mr. Odonkor indicated that, tuition, school supplies, and other expenses would be purveyed to ensure they enroll in school and not to drop out, in order to complete their education.

“We will also meet the students regularly for social support and vocational guidance,” he indicated.
Highlighting on the project which aims to support 50 girls per year in returning to school, the President said, quality education, especially for girls and women has been identified as the most powerful weapon in the global fight against poverty, disease, and hunger.
Education for girls is indispensable in alleviating poverty since they contribute to economic development, Mr. Odonkor said, because, women would be able to share the huge burden of suppressing poverty since education promotes productivity.
He, then called on philanthropists, and benevolent organisations to come to their aid financially in buttressing the promotion of quality education in the rural areas.

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