A school is a modern English word derived from the Latin word ‘ Scholo’ which means a break from work or leisure dedicated to learning and also a place for intellectuals to gather and discuss issues and other similar concept.
Over the years, school has become an important institution in our society such that anyone who wants to make it in life will have to go to school.
But the question is, is school really helping us to be successful or it is programming us to be poor? The school system is outdated globally, this is as a result of the introduction of the internet and technology. The internet has made it possible for us to obtain any information on which the school system was built and technology has made it possible for us to access any information. The school system was built on information and memorization, but technology and internet have made this easier. One can easily access any information so far as that person has a smart phone and an internet connection.

Successful Individuals
In recent times, most people go to school, acquire all the degrees yet remain unemployed. That is because there are no jobs in the country, so what is the benefit of going to school and at the end come to sit at home. One went to school, spent hundreds of millions yet completed with no job.
Most of the world richest people do not have a college degree yet they have made it in life so what shows that school is the only thing that can make one successful? Marczell, an American success coach in one of his instagram posts stated that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you do not need to go to school, all you need to do is to do your research, develop your skills and take action because the people teaching you entrepreneurship and business in school do not own any business so how do they teach you to be successful? The only time one needs to go to school is when one wants to become a doctor, a lawyer and an engineer.
In Ghana, most business men and women and footballers who are rich do not have a college degree to boast of, however they are the topmost richest people in the country. People such as Joseph Siaw Agyapong, former president Jerry John Rawlings, Oscar Yao Doe, Asamoah Gyan , Osei Kwame Despite and the list continues, all do not have a college degree yet are doing amazingly well.
Asamoah Gyan is one of the richest footballers in Ghana and can easily make it for the top ten in Africa. The story of that of Joseph Siaw and Kwame Despite is no different but Kwame Despite is the owner of one of the popular multimedia groups in Ghana. The only degree they can boast of is the honorary doctorate confirmed on them for their contributions to Ghana.
And on the international front, rich people such as Mark Zuckerberg owner of Facebook, Bill Gates the owner of Microsoft, Phil Ruffini all do not have college degrees yet they have made it in life.
This shows that a person’s success in life does not fully depend on school but rather on their skills and abilities. Thus instead of spending money building an infrastructure as a school unit that money should be channeled to skills and abilities development.
A lot of big companies such as Amazon does not require a degree for people to work there. All one needs is the skills and ability and you are able to work there.
Whether one goes to school or not it all comes back to one thing and that is success, and whether you become successful or not is a choice hence you need to know yourself, your ability, and what you can do.

Then you can decide whether to go to school or not. If you think you can make it without school fine because as stated earlier there are people who didn’t go to school yet they made it in life and if you think schooling is the only way that you can make it in life too that is good because there are also great people who made it in life due to they attending school. You attend school to upgrade your knowledge and apply it efficiently to add value to your life but not to make you rich.

By: Mavis Abena Torgbedzu

Editor: Mr. Roland Annor Botchway 

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  1. Knowledge is power. We take basic knowledge from school.

  2. All that you have said is sensible. God bless the writer

  3. It is important to learn at school, i wudnt be able to comment here if i didnt go to school, even to search something in the internet, u do need some basic grammar which we learn at school. But I do agree, going to school/college doesnt make you rich. But it prepares us to face the life. Anyway nice blog!!

  4. Marshall Bobobee

    Great piece

  5. True talk.. God bless

  6. Nice point there but i think there can also be a clear distinction between formal and informal education…so that technical and employable skills can also be taught at informal educational institutions

  7. You don’t need education to be rich but everyone needs education to manage his or her resources.

  8. Nice piece 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  9. That is true you don’t necessarily have to go to school before making it in life but one needs it to help manage him/herslf in a society or community

  10. I think everyone needs basic education to be able to read and write at least up to Senior High School. If your focus is college degree then say so. Relating unemployment to degree holders may be peculiar to Ghana and some developing countries. It is not a universal problem. You stated that you can do your research and gather all the information you need from the internet. True but the one who put it there went to school and learned how to research for information. No one can argue that only attending school will make you rich. No, having a degree does not guarantee that you will be rich but it provides you with diverse opportunities to contribute towards the development of society as you are doing. Knowledge is power does not mean richness.

  11. I agree with you
    but children need to go to school at least till the hight school so they can find their way to earn money and knowledge, wheither they continue to university or just teach themselves and improve their skills.
    and there are lots of rich people attend to school only to get knowledge because the way of how you get it is also make a difference.

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