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The Contemporary Young Woman and Nudity on Social Media.

The Contemporary Young Woman and Nudity on Social Media.

The invention of social media has brought about a whole new world and evolved our forms of communication to another new level. This new world comes about with its own philosophy and has brought forth certain characteristics humans never thought they possessed through the exploration of the new media.

The crave for attention and all other forms of engagements on social media through the uploading of one’s pictures and videos have seen young women going to some extra miles, with the intent of having it all. Lately, most of these young women have even gone to the extreme of exposing their private body parts, being half-naked and showing all sorts of sexual tendencies in their daily posts on the internet. The obvious question asked on a daily basis for such acts is; “Why do young women expose themselves or need to be either naked or half-naked in their social media posts?”

Well, from a simple poll, the common answers we gathered from the public was unanimous: “the crave for fame” and/or “to get the attention of men”. This has been the recent trend of these young women as their way of seeking the attention of men or to get a boyfriend. This behaviour has generally been seen as unacceptable and immoral by the public as it sends out the picture that young women have lost their sense of pride and conscience to be responsible individuals.

Arguably, it seems the influence of social media on young girls has made them lose their sense of self-respect and the need to uphold one’s dignity as a woman. It has led them to live recklessly, aimlessly and therefore lack the foresight to see the repercussions of their actions which may affect them in the near future. Once an individual loses the consciousness to uphold his/her dignity and self-respect, society also acts in similar manner towards such a person. This perception goes on to have effect on their character — they will begin to portray an inferiority complex in their everyday life engagements as a result of the feedback they get through daily interactions with others.

Moreover, ever since these young women showcased their nudity for attention on social media, how best has these actions helped them to achieve their aim? Is having a boyfriend or getting the deserved attention or fame adding anything substantial, such as impact or meaning, to better their lives in any way? Riches? There is more to life than that! And how are we helping them to know what is important in one’s life and how to go about every situation that comes up in a person’s life? These are some of the pertinent questions we need to ask ourselves as observers of this trendy behaviour.

Social media has a powerful influence on our mental health and that largely depends on every individuals capability or capacity to process anything he or she sees on the internet. Most of these young women get lured by the fantasy social media creates, hence influencing them badly into immorality. Sometimes they don’t understand what they are doing but since they are influenced by these “so-called celebrities”, they think it is right. It’s just a matter of time for them to realize how bad such silly acts could most likely bring about character assassination in the future.

In addition, there should be an advocacy and uprising against these new trends by the young women through education and awareness creation. From the onset of this immorality as a trend, there hasn’t been enough awareness created to caution these young women about the repercussions and how it could badly affect them later in life. Not only about that, this also tarnishes the image and concept of femininity as it can be viewed as females being up to no good or not contributing anything valuable to society.
In my candid opinion, the search for equality by some females in the world will always be downplayed by their male counterparts since social media has badly influenced most of these young girls to go wayward. Equality can only be achieved when both men and women are equally working hard and contributing to the good of the society. Elsewhere, when the young woman is all about immorality rather than knowing their identity, value and how they can contribute to society, how can gender equality be achieved?

By: Nii Okai Tagoe

Editor: Emmanuel Akuoko

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