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The Death Of Role Models In Ghana

The Death of Role Models in Ghana

These days, looking for a role model as a guide on your journey to becoming who you are is like looking for darkness in the Spotlight! Falsehood has been paraded as the new image of success to the Ghanaian youth. Even, success is now defined as wealth; rather than self actualization or achieving one’s dream. The journey to become successful has become less colourful and more homogenous as everyone has the same goal, the same focus, and as a result, the same destination.

Life is now a competition for the ‘cheddar’ and no one is ready to slow down or teach anyone secrets or principles that helped them become wealthy. For their ways may not have been by the book, for by the book they may not have ever reached this admirable social status. Therefore, the image of the role model might be misleading to the admirer, because the truth behind the image is contrasting to the very appearance glorified by the society.

But who are you to speak? You will be rebuked as an unsuccessful and bitter person who envies others who are deemed better off than yourself. So, we must all be silent as the death of the role model gradually occurs. We must be silent until all that is left to inspire our children are shameless prostitutes, cocaine dealers, internet fraudsters, corrupt politicians and occultists. We must remain silent till the true meaning of success is completely eroded from all dictionaries and the heroic deeds of our martyrs of legend become fairy tales, and a person’s worth is judged by his material gains; rather than his contribution to the positive development of his society.

By Jerry Wonder

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