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“The Kayaye and Hawkers must be introduced into Athletics”-Clemento Suarez

Laughter they say, is the best medicine and not too many people across the globe can give a good dose of such a rare medicine. In a time where depression has become the order of the day for various reasons, laughter seems to be the most powerful tool to help people come out of such difficult moments and as such people with the ability to give out such a medication are to be recognised. Such has been the profession of Mr. Clement Ashiteye popularly known as Clemento Suarez who has been lifting up the moods of Ghanaians from time to time with his amazing sense of humour. What sets Clement apart from his other colleagues is his outstandingly childish behaviour which is adored by the majority of the Ghanaian populace.

At a time where the Ghanaian comedy industry seemed to have hit rock bottom after chalking relevant success in the past with the likes of Bob Okala, Santo, KSM at the forefront, Clemento Suarez is one of the amazing talents that have helped to revive the industry and give it a deserving facelift. Acts like Clemento Suarez need not to be only recognized for helping to revive the comedy industry but should also be applauded for being able to still stay relevant especially at a time where the birth of social media has made comedy normal and has thus threatened the business of both Comic Actors and Stand-up Comedians alike.

Apart from having an amazing sense of humour, Clemento Suarez is also known to have an inveterate desire for social activism as he is noted to have taken part in different campaigns to help effect social change. One can make mention of his amazing support and fight against the issue of kidnapping when the “Takoradi girls” went missing as he vowed to put his career on the line. One cannot also forget him for joining the fight against coronavirus as he featured on Naa Ashorkor’s Masterpiece dubbed ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ to educate the public on the novel coronavirus as well as to help contain its spread.


As part of celebrating this amazing personality, Change Agent Media interviewed him to share his success story. This, we believe would ginger up the youth especially the upcoming comedians to change their negative perception about comedy and seeing it as a potential way of making a huge impact on society and as an avenue for making a decent living. Stay back and enjoy an intriguing interview with this amazing personality.

Tell us about Mr. Clement Ashiteye and how you came about the name Clemento Suarez?

Answer: Clement Ashiteye is an award winning young comic actor in Ghana. Started commercial acting in 2011. Born to Mr and Mrs Victor Tetteh,he had his primary or basic school education from Vichrist Parent’s School in Teshie, Church of Christ primary and Bethel Preparatory School in Kumasi. Tema Secondary school and then University of Ghana, Legon .

 I added Suarez to my name after his infamous hand clearance during Ghana’s world cup match against Uruguay in 2010. I thought it was quite an act of patriotism and a heroic deed.

How was life growing up?

Answer: I was raised by my entire family with my grandparents in the lead and these were Godfearing people. I was taught to be humble and respectful, be content with what I got, love and worship God and neither hate nor envy anyone. I have lived by these and I still do

 What is your greatest fear in life?

Answer: That one day God will give up on me and be disappointed in me

 Please tell us about your schooling?

Answer: I had great fun in my school days. Started with Vichrist Parents School in Teshie, then to Church of Christ school in Bantama,North Suntreso- I did up to Class 1. So class 2 to JSS 3 was in Bethel Preparatory School Then Tema secondary School which is the best mixed school in West Africa. And then to the University of Ghana, Legon

How did your experiences in school affect your life?

Answer: I learnt a lot of life’s lessons from these schools. Mostly in human relations. How to relate to your mates, seniors,juniors,teaching and non teaching staff.  The discipline and thinking style

 Who was your mentor growing up, did the person affect your life positively?

Answer: Growing up I looked up to Jackie Chan and Bill Cosby. I loved what they were doing and wanted to be that kind of a good person and not necessarily be an actor….but when the acting talent started unveiling I just had to tap into what they were doing and pursue it

 How did you end up in this field, was it from passion or advice?

Answer: I had the passion to act and with the long-time dream of meeting my heroes but the emergence of some actors like Adjetey Anang, Agya Koo and Funnyface got me really interested in the industry. I loved watching Santo too

 What’s the most difficult part of your career?

Answer: Clients and how they appreciate and value your craft. It is always heart-breaking when customers and clients turn to treat you like they are giving you the platform to be seen and so you cannot have a say. Most of the time  it doesn’t happen to me directly – it happens to my other colleagues and young/new acts

 Which other profession would you have considered aside comedy?

Answer: Paediatrician and teaching. I also love intellectual arguments so maybe an entertainment analyst or probably a lawyer

What are some of your works and have you received any awards?

Answer: Some of the movies I have done are: Royal Diadem ,Akwaaba, Could this Be Love, The Trial of Shatta Wale etc

Tv series : Master and 3 maids, Kejetia vrs Makola

Stage plays: If God Is Ghanaian, Prison Graduates, Still A Rose, Blue Black, Accra We Dey etc

Awards: Best Comic Actor –Gh comic awards, Best comedian – Ghana entertainers and actors awards, Best Comedian- Gh entertainment awards,USA. Best Comedian –Fashion and Lifestyle awards, Best actor – face of photo arena,West Africa awards

How do you want to impact the society with your career?

Answer: I want to professionally help push the industry to a level where the world will respect and appreciate the Ghanaian act.

Socially, I want our young folks to know that being famous must not be cue to arrogance and disrespect. That the youth will be humble and hard working

What were some of your worst moments and experiences that also shaped your life?

Answer: People took advantage of my “silence” to disrespect me in terms of payment for jobs done. It has shaped my life in a way that now I don’t trust anybody just for the sake of relationship

In choosing a career as a youth should it be about the lucrative aspect or self-fulfilment?

Answer: It should first of all come with the passion. You have to at the end of the day do what you love. The aim is to be economically stable

 What do you think the youth of today is lacking in comparison to your upbringing days?

Answer: Not too much. The only difference is now everybody is independent and we don’t really have the people relations and extended family thing like we used to. Also technology has brought us to this point and we can’t really complain

 What do you think of the style of child upbringing now, is it better than that of the past?

Answer: I think it is generational and dynamic. We have to accept and embrace the styles as they come up and adopt the positive ones.

 What is your advice to parents or guardians who force their wards to pursue their dreams which they were not able to achieve?

Answer: Well some parents actually mean good when they do that but I would plead that even if you want to force your ward to achieve your dream, kindly allow them to have and achieve a dream of their own.

Are you married?

Answer: No I am not married yet

Tell us, in your opinion is the youth of today taking advantage of this technological world we live in?

Answer: Yes I think some of them are really being smart and taking advantage of technology now. It is only a matter of time, the rest would join and catch up.

 Tell us, in your opinion do you believe the community one grows up in affects his/her decisions in life?

Answer: Yes. It goes back to our definition of culture. The way a group of people live mostly informs your growth. If one is not lucky to see other cultures it might render him/her stereotypical.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Answer: In the next 5 years the dream is to be Continental and iconic to the youth and children of Africa

 When given the opportunity to be the President of Ghana for a year, what are some of the Policies you will make to better the lives of the youth and the vulnerable ones in the society?

Answer: This is a tough one. I will create jobs for the youth, build their capacity in technology by investing in technical education. All toll booths will be run by the disabled. Hawkers and kaya fellas will be recruited in security forces and athletics.

What is your advice to the youth?

Answer: They should be humble and ready to learn and also be bold enough to either share ideas or seek ideas and knowledge. Use social media wisely.

 What have you done in your own way to empower the youth in your locality?

Answer: I make myself visible and available to them. I don’t try to raise myself above anyone. We also have a youth group that seeks to advice and help the youth in the area.

Give some shout outs to people who have contributed positively to your career?

Answer: Mr Victor Tetteh, Mrs Christiana Tetteh, Mrs Bernice Mensah, Madam Deborah Sowah, Mrs Sarah Dodoo, Mr John Dodoo, Mr Alex Sowah, Mrs Rhoda Mensah, John Benjamin, Iain Walker ,Mrs Emelia Annan, Adjetey Anang, Fiifi Coleman,Naa Ashorkor Nyansapo Productions, Superfam Network, Gh Comedians, My social media followers and fans, Tosa 2003 , ASPA 2010. BHC, everyone directly or indirectly working towards the betterment of the entertainment industry.

Congratulations Sir!!! We are proud of you! Keep soaring higher. Thank you for spending time with us.


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Art work was done by BID-NET 
Written by: Samuel Odoom and Roland Annor Botchway 
Editors: Mr. Roland Annor Botchway and Mr. Richmond Sagraza.
Thank you for taking time to read. God bless you. 
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