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The Origin Of COVID-19. Where, When And How It All Started.

The Coronavirus, also known as the Covid-19(Corona Virus Disease 2019) started in November 2019 in the City of Wuhan in China. The virus specifally started from the Huanan Market which is a food market in Wuhan, Mainland China. The Huanan Market is a wet market which animals are slaughtered and sold in the market. These animals are both domestic and wild life animals. Domestic animals include poultry, cows and pigs whereby the wild life animals are bats, penguline, snakes, tigers, bears, tortoise, rhinos and aligators.

Death Recorded

The Chinese Health Officials realised there was a problem when 41 cases of the Corovirus was first recorded. It was later traced that, out of the 41 victims, 21 of them have been to the Huanan market in Wuhan which later led to the closure of the food market. In 2002, there was a similar case of the Corona virus which infected 29 countries in mostly Asia and South America killing 774 people.
The origin of the 2002 disease was from a similar food market in Guangzhou, China same as the Huanan market. 18 years later, it has emergered again and has now infested over 180 countries with over 4000 deaths all over the world.

The Covid-19 has it evidence that, it first orginated in bats and then transferred to a penguline before finally arriving in humans. This bring into question the Huanan Market in Wuhan which deals in all kinds of these wild life animals.
Also, 21 victims out of the first 41 infected people have been to Huanan Market. It didn’t come as a surprise to health practitioners as to where the disease originated, due to condition of the animals in the food market. It is believed that, the animals are being kept in a very unhygenic conditions, which can easily trigger the development of a viruses. Again, not only the condition of the animals, since different species of animals are brought unto the market from all over the world, mostly wild life’s. Each of them have the potential to carry it own viruses unto the market which will later develop into something deadly as we have with the Covid-19.

The Wild life industry is a booming industry in the Chinese markets, which the government equally supports it operations. Since the Corona outbreak, there have been a temporary ban on wild life trade. it’s believed, China will unlift the ban and continue its wild life trade soon a as the virus has diminished. The chinese don’t only limit wild life trade and consumption only in China but to the rest of the world which they establish themselves. Most of Chinese restaurants in the world serve delicacies with wild life meats which they try to influence the world in thier taste and businesses. They back the consumption of wild life animals as been tonic products, body building, sex enhancing and as disease fighting which the world is yet the know the truth behind these claims.


Moreover, symptoms of the Corona Virus Disease includes, cough, fever, tiredness and shortness of breath. People with the disease develop symptoms from 14-21 days after exposure which mostly comes with, fever, tiredness and repeated dry cough. The disease can be serious and very fatal with Older people and people of other health conditions including asthma, Pneumonia, heart diseases, leukaemia and diabetes including others.
Most recorded cases are from adults and even though children can be infected, they are not at higher risk. If you believe you have the disease, you should isolate yourself from the public and call a family doctor or any hotline provided for the situation. If you have being in contact with a victim, self isolate for 14 days to see if you will develop symptoms.


Try to prevent the disease by avoiding large crowds, cover your coughs with tissue and upper elbow, stay home if sick.
Wash your hands often, before and after everything for at least 20 seconds. Before going out and after, before and after eating and after coughing and sneezing. If soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer with over 65 percent alcohol base.

By: Nii Okai Tagoe

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