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The True Colours Of An Inconsiderate Government.

The True Colours of An Inconsiderate  Government.
The actions of several governments have been witnessed in recent times during the 4th republic of Ghana. These actions clarify and  buttress their intention to rule. The intention by the government to gain favour in the eyes of the people has influenced the citizens to believe that their sole livelihood and success are contingent upon their policies and decisions implemented for the country, although it is explicit that politics affects everybody both directly and indirectly, no matter how much one gets involved or not in it. The citizens need to reckon that, it is only their true effort and determination that can liberate them out of their shambles and lead them to the life they’ve always dreamt of. The African or the Ghanaian government, is not the type, that is focused on making life comfortable and better for its citizens. But, it is the type which only makes life better and comfortable for those involved in politics and needless to say, their families.
Taxation is one of the very important factors to be prioritised as a country. The onus lies on the government to educate the citizens on the relevance and need in the payment of taxes and its utilisation in the country. The tax implications of government’s fiscal policies for businesses is a factor. Also, directly or indirectly, each citizen pays tax, and these taxes aren’t prioritised in  the development of the country, but for policies which only suit the egos of these authorities. Mostly, these policies are not in favour of the majority of the citizens. Roads and most infrastructure in the country are death traps. Adequate housing aren’t enough and majority of road accidents are caused by bad roads, yet government pays no attention when the citizens plead for fixing and maintenance of these roads. Infant mortality rate in the northern part of the country is on the rise. This is largely due to inadequate facilities and amenities to render the lives of these citizens comfortable, yet it’s believed in one way or the other, they also contribute to government revenue. Eventually, the national cake isn’t evenly distributed, as it is majorly concentrated in the capital city for developments, leaving all other regions underdeveloped, since the government officials reside in the capital and hence, need to make it comfortable for themselves.
Emergency & Security
The rate of response to emergency issues in the country is appalling. In terms of health, fire and crime, it is not that much impressive. The unavailability of ambulances in the country became an issue, as less than 40 ambulances were serving 30 million Ghanaians. The lack of these health facilities made life much uncomfortable for the citizens. After much public outcry, the government made efforts in providing each constituency with an ambulance early this year. Apparently, these ambulances have been delivered as promised by the government, but not delivered to the various constituencies as it should have been done. It’s being parked for over 6 months, which is believed the government is waiting on its own convenient time to distribute these ambulances to score cheap political points and accrue lots of votes, since election is imminent. Health issues are crucial, pregnant women are being transported in “aboboya”, on bicycles, and motorcycles to hospitals every day. People die daily in the deplorable transportation vehicles, but all that the governments care about is scoring cheap political points. It’s a fact that the true colours of these governments are not directed towards caring about its citizens or their wellbeing, but things to only favour their corrupt motives and how to create avenues for loot and share.
New Cedi Notes & Inflation
 It is unbelievable that, the current government in less than three years in office has printed about 3 new different cedi notes. This action by the government is needless and the motive behind these actions is not justifiable and thus, corruptly motivated. This we can say, the true motive of this government is not to serve but to create avenue for loot and to enrich themselves by all means possible before they leave office. Also, the printing of the new high cedi notes is irrelevant, as most Ghanaians publicly registered their displeasure towards this idea. The reasons the government explained for these new notes is not convincing enough to hold. Printing of new notes always creates avenue for plunder since specific amounts can’t be accountable for. These notes being high values such as the 100 and 200 cedi notes, economic experts are of the view that it would cause inflation. Previously, a lot of citizens expressed their distaste for this idea from the 2007 new currency brouhaha, yet the government went further to bring it to life. Further saying, the government usually ignores the plea and opinions of the citizens and disregards how badly it affects them, but to what they would gain. Inflation affects the citizens badly, but not the government, and since it is so, the economic decisions of these governments sometimes aren’t critically deliberated upon.
By: Nii Okai Tagoe
Editor: Mr. Kwabena Asare Baffour

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