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UNILIME President Challenges Ghanaian Youth to be Agents of Change to promote Peaceful Election in the Upcoming General Election

The National President of Universal Light Media (Unilime) Foundation, an NGO committed to humanitarian activities, Mr. Dennis Agyei Boateng has challenged the Ghanaian youth to advocate for unity and tolerance
wherever they find themselves to help promote peace before, during and after the December 7 general elections.
According to him, the youth must serve as agents of change by becoming advocates of positive talk, love, peace, unity and reconciliation, to enhance peacekeeping in this country as Ghana continues to defend its enviable
title as a beacon of democracy in Africa

Promote Peace

Speaking in an interview with Change Agent Media on “the role of Ghanaian youth to promote peaceful
election,” the National President entreated Ghanaians, political party leaders, agents and members of political parties to desist from activities that will incite violence in the upcoming general elections.

Citing some unworthy activities which some youth are likely to engage in before, during and after election, Mr. Boateng indicated that, insulting opponents and destroying their party banners and posters; removing
opponents’ posters and flags; use of provocative language against opponents during rallies and meetings; transporting people to opponent camps to destroy their items and multiple voting, among other activities that would hamper peaceful elections in December should be advised against.

Therefore, he urged the Youth to desist from those actions and understand that, “we are one people irrespective of our political colours, therefore we must love one another and understand that, it is just a competition and only one party will win”

He noted that, the youth should realize that violence would only destroy their future and the future of their friends and family if they allow themselves to be used as agents of destruction in the upcoming elections.

Mr Boateng who is also a social activist pointed out that the youth needed to live up to their civic rights and responsibilities to ensure peace in the elections.

“You should know that while laying strong claims to your rights and freedoms, you should allow others to enjoy their rights and freedoms without any hindrance. It would be morally and legally wrong to intimidate
anybody from exercising his or her franchise,” he opined.

The President discouraged the use of violence, pressure, fear and intimidation as political tools to struggle for power, recommending that the best form of politicking was the one that addressed issues such as
education, health and agriculture through dispassionate, critical and objective
analysis of facts and figures.


Advising the youth, Mr. Boateng who is a social entrepreneur indicated that, the youth are the future leaders with great future hence they should stay out of trouble and conduct themselves peacefully at all polling stations so they could fulfill their dreams but not allow some selfish politicians to deceive them with money.

He, therefore, urged all citizens to exercise tolerance in their homes, workplaces, churches (in general social interactions) and during the election period so that Ghana would go through its democratic process of election peacefully.

Mr Boateng who is also a Journalist and Media Consultant urged the media to be circumspect in their reportage to avoid flare up of emotion which easily trigger violence.

“The media as the Fourth Estate of realm must be responsible and circumspect with the information they publish not to instigate violence.  Gatekeepers in the media must critically assess and analyse any information before publication as effort to avert the eruption of political violence because we cherish the fragile peace we have in
the country”, he advised.

Editor: Roland Annor Botchway

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