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Your Set Time is Now- Rev. Jacob Botchway

This year’s edition of Divine Miracles, a programme organized by Lifeline Assemblies of God, is set to come off from August 28th to 1st of September at their Church Premises in Accra.

This three-day programme which would be climaxed on Sunday, 1st September is hosted by the Head Pastor, Rev. Jacob Botchway and a seasoned minister of God, Rev. James Opoku Tuahene.

Speaking to Change Agent Media in an interview, Rev. Botchway noted that, the programme which started three years ago has been demonstrating God’s glory which overshadows participants and thereby turns them into renewed people accompanied by signs and wonders.

Modern Christianity 

According to him, “we are in perilous times where Christians must take their Christian life seriously and pray so that they will not be swayed by the things of the devil, therefore we organise this programme annually to assemble all believers under one roof to pray as never before and thus experience the mighty move of our Lord Jesus”

Expressing concern about modern day Christianity, the clergyman noted that, Christians of today do not make time to read their bibles not to talk of praying but it is high time Christians must read their bibles and pray rather than seeking material things.

Quoting from the bible, Rev. Botchway said “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all other things shall be added unto us,” hence as Christians we must focus on things of God.

Commenting on the programme, the man of God indicated that, this year’s programme will be power packed because, the Church has prayed fervently towards it and he believes God would release His blessings and miracles upon His Children.

According to him, miracles are good and are part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but one can only receive it when the person dedicates his or her life to God and pray, adding that, this year’s Divine Miracles fire would come from above.

Only prayers, he pointed out that, would bring miracles hence he urged Christians to pray without ceasing to overcome the work of the devil in these perilous times.

Divine Miracles: My Set Time is Now

Inviting people for the programme, Rev. Botchway who is also the District Treasure of the Assemblies of God – Kaneshie District stressed that, someone may be cursed or in a difficult situation in life and has been praying for years but there is no answer to their prayers, “at times there are some bondage that one might be in and thus would need a powerful man of God to break those bondages and curses so I take this opportunity to invite you to this programme so as to receive your miracle because, I believe God is able to do it. ”

It is a gathering of saints, Rev. Botchway added “we are not going to do magic, or sell anointing oil nor take consultation, but it is all about prayers and the move of the Lord Your set Time is now, come let us destroy the works of the devil because, sickness, divorce, addictions, spiritual marriages, poverty among others are the works of the devil,” he mentioned.

In conclusion, he gave details of the programme indicating that, Lifeline Assemblies of God is located at SwanLake, Asakyir Street, behind St. Theresa’s School. The Programme commences at 6:00pm and ends at 9:00pm each night and on Sunday, 1st September it begins at 8:00am to 11:30am. “Divine Miracle: My set time is now!”


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